Sunday, April 02, 2006

Final Two

The college basketball season has culminated in the match-up of two unlikely opponents tomorrow night. Neither UCLA or Florida were expected to seriously challenge for a national title with powerhouse teams like Duke, Connecticut, Texas and Michigan State returning most of their starters and with an rich array of All-American candidates. Turns out that none of those squads was as good as people thought with not even one making the Final Four. It has been that kind of year in college basketball. There is nary a "great" team in country this year, there were just a few that were less flawed than all the rest.

Having said that the game between UCLA and Florida should be entertaining. UCLA showed the ability to put points on the board in its demolishing of LSU to go along with a iron clad defense. They can survive an up tempo shootout or a grinding half court contest. Florida is the more statistically balanced group with 5 players scoring in double figures, but UCLA has the deeper bench with 11 players averaging more than 9 minutes a game. Each team is young with key players in only their second year. I think the deeper bench of UCLA will eventually wear out Florida's starters. UCLA will add a twelfth title to their amazing history.

I want to apologize to all my loyal readers for the lack of posts in the last week. My paying job has made it difficult to carve out the time for the amount of articles I would like to write. A series of season roundups and some scouting of recruits coming to campus this fall will follow soon.

Thanks to all of you!


dolphinfan said...

I had UCLA in the Final Four but UConn winning it all over Duke.

I'll take the Bruins to win it all tonight.

terp grad said...

I am disappointed no post on the women's basketball team. I was hoping you would get one in before it was over. I could have cared less about the final four this year, no ACC teams, GM was a nice story, but not great, your last post should have been about the women's final four.