Monday, October 22, 2007

Gist is a leader

James Gist is finally taking ownership of the basketball team. It is now or never for this senior and I don't see him going out like Chris McCray or Ekene Ibekwe. Gist says in the Washington Post that there was no senior leadership on the teams during his first two seasons in College Park. The first was the John Gilchrist meltdown season and the second the Chris McCray flunk out year, both seasons ended in the NIT. Gist is engaging the young players and making sure that everyone on the team remains focused. It is a great sign of maturity. Gist is also getting Greivis Vasquez, Eric Hayes and Bambale Osby to show more leadership.

Gist also admitted that Maryland relaxed against Butler in the NCAA tournament loss that ended the season in March. He confirmed that both he and Ekene Ibekwe were looking ahead to a matchup with defending champion Florida.

The senior promised to make sure the team stayed focused and that the players will be more close knit this coming season. The players and coaches have stated the chemistry on this team is excellent. Hopefully that will translate into wins.

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