Friday, July 23, 2010

Dirty Pool

It has been a while since my last blog entry. Life, as always, doesn’t leave as much time as I’d like to write about Maryland sports. Starting with the departures of Dan Mote and AD Debbie Yow this next year will be one of the most interesting in recent memory for Maryland sports. By this time in 2011 Maryland will have a new president, athletic director and possibly a new head football coach.

The big change for me is that my son was born at the end of June. I look forward to sharing my love of Maryland sports with him as he grows up. I have not had as much free time to write about all the significant changes at Maryland and the upcoming football season as I would like but when the family life settles into a routine hopefully that will change.


In the mean time here is a very interesting article by Dana O’Neil based on interviews with current basketball head coaches and the challenges of recruiting in the current environment. It isn’t a pretty picture. I also love the shot that one coach took at North Carolina. Roy Williams is a whiner, that is for sure.


Hopefully I can give some thoughts about the upcoming pivotal season for the football program in the coming weeks.

Let’s get the summer over and start football season.