Monday, September 08, 2008

Blue Raiders Pillage

This may go down as Friedgen's Dunkirk. What an awful game. It was a virtual clinic in bad football. Worthless playcalling on offense and defense, unprepared players, no halftime adjustments, horrible play at virtually every position all resulting in an ugly loss to a middle of the road Sun Belt team. I'd say there was not a single facet of the team that did well outside of perhaps the running backs. I'll give some more analysis of the game later but let us ponder where this team is heading this season.

Do you see even six victories on this schedule? Cal just demolished Washington State 66-3 on the road and you'd think they are primed to do the same to this lackluster bunch of Terrapins. The rest of the home schedule includes only two likely wins: Eastern Michigan and N.C. State, not that I think Maryland is much better than the Wolfpack but it is at home. That means Maryland will have to somehow pick up three wins to get to a bowl game at 6-6. Perhaps they could steal a win at Virginia or Boston College and maybe they could beat UNC or FSU at home but I think the odds of pulling off three of those four are slim to none. It would require a second half surge like in 2006 with a more difficult schedule.

Clearly Chris Turner was not prepared in his first start of the season. We'll see how he plays against Cal before I'm willing to jump ship on him. I still think he is the best, and perhaps only, option at quarterback. Josh Portis is little more than a shifty running back at this point. Chris Cosh and James Franklin both called ineffective games against Middle Tennessee and have yet to prove they can match wits with even mediocre coordinators. California will be a big test for both of them.

It seems from Friedgen's post game comments that he is thinking of making changes, perhaps at QB, but it is going to require much more than some desperate substitutions to get this team back on track. The coaching staff either doesn't have much credibility with the players or is failing to use the modest talent on the roster wisely. Either way the staff needs to get their act together fast or this could be the swan song for the Fridge.


Unknown said...

The Coach has obviously, at this point, lost control of the wonder....when any Coach plays with his quarterbacks the way this coach has during his tenure and leaves it up to a poll of his players to help him select the quarterback..and even allegedly attributes a quote to the center that he would prefer a different would one expect the team to is time for a change

Anonymous said...

Most disturbing was the way they used Portis right before the half (along with letting the clock run a half minute before calling time-out) and then having Portis out on passing situations. What is going on?! - Jeff At

Anonymous said...

Hm, so maybe Fridge was right about starting Steffy. Maybe that's a really bad thing.

Anonymous said...

I watched the tape of this game. It could have been worse. The MT offense totally controlled the entire first half. The Terp defense seemed unable to respond to the short pass, ball control game MT employed. Equally depressing, the offense couldn't run the ball with any consistency and their passing was not effective. I can't yet decide whether this is a function of the skills of the players, poor motivation, or inadequate coaching and preparation. I believe the players have more skill than they have so far demonstrated. But they are 1-1 against two teams that are mediocre by Div 1 standards, and it's going to be uphill the rest of the way.