Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Swofford hopes Maryland doesn’t leave

In this interview with ACC Sports Journal the used car salesman commissioner of the ACC John Swofford talks about conference realignment and the ACC. He implied that the ACC is set with 12 members and doesn’t seem very interested in expanding beyond that number. He isn’t enthralled with 14 or 16 member mega-conferences either. In the last part of the interview he was asked about member discontent or the possibility of the ACC having defections. It seems obvious those questions were about the rumors swirling that Maryland might leave for the Big Ten even though Maryland was never named. With Debbie Yow gone I think the ACC is more than a little worried that Maryland could bolt for the Big Ten. The loss of the Baltimore/DC TV market would be a huge blow to the ACC. Despite the assertion that the league believes all its member institutions are “very committed” to the league Swofford also sounded hopeful, but not sure, that there wasn’t discontent among the members of the league. Maryland is the only realistic target for another major conference so it is safe to say that all eyes in Greensboro are on Kevin Anderson and College Park.


Anonymous said...

I hope that the decision makers at MD are smart enough to jump if the Big Ten makes an offer. The day MD accepts an offer from the Big Ten would be one of the best days in MD history.

Anonymous said...

I was saddened in the early 1970s when South Carolina left the ACC, although they went to a strong conference, but they have never had the "prestige" in that conference as they had in the ACC. I just don't see Maryland moving to a totally different culture, even if it does mean getting away from UNC.