Friday, August 26, 2005

2005 Season Predictions

Now that the season is nearly here it is time for me to make wild and unsubstantiated predictions just like the ACC beat writers do every year.


1. FSU 7-4*
2. Boston College 7-4*
3. Maryland 7-4*
4. Clemson 6-5*
5. NC State 5-6
6. Wake Forest 4-7

FSU will struggle but eventually pull it together behind a strong defense...Maryland's offense will be much better enough for two more wins, the defense will not be good enough to win the division...Clemson still can't run the ball well enough...NC State's lackluster offense and staff turnover will hurt them more this year

1. Miami 10-1*
2. Virginia 8-3*
3. Virginia Tech 7-4*
4. Georgia Tech 6-5*
5. UNC 3-8
6. Duke 2-9

Miami has the most talent in the division...Virginia has the best returning QB and a solid running game to go with their defense...Virginia Tech will live and die by Marcus Vick, RIP goiter boy...Reggie Ball will never live up to expectations

*-bowl game

Miami will win the Dr. Pepper-show-me-the-money championship game and go to the BCS game from the ACC.

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Cavalor Epthith said...

Maryland 7-4 is a stretch. A loss to Clemson or (gasp) in Baltimore to Navy throws this whole thing off. maryland will not go to a bowl game this year and will finish 5-6 because of lack of offense.
Fridge can show me something with a four TD margin over Navy on 9/3. Anything less than that means the Terps are middle of the pack with UNC NC St Clemson and not in the next division of teams Miami VA Tech Fla St BC.
UNC and NC St away doesn't bode well either, but you do get WV at home coming off a loss on 9/10 to Tommy Bowden's Tigers.
The ACC is the toughest conference aside from the SEC and will get tougher over the next few years.
Maryland's toughest challenge will be recruiting. They will need a name coach, like Meyer, Spurrier, Bowden who will draw big name talent from all across the nation NOT JUST MARYLAND AND VIRGINIA.
Pat Hill and Norm Chow would be those types of coaches should the Terps choose to dip into their deep pockets and go looking for Friedgen's replacement around the first week of December.
No way you say? If the Terps can't hold VA Tech to less than 50 points in a nationally televised game 10/1 and road games looming against Fla St and UNC plus a powerhouse BC in College Park in the next three weeks doesn't scare you I don't know what would.
Hang in there tho' a new coach a new system will be installed in 2006!