Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hollenbach "50/50"

News today was that QB Sam Hollenbach was a game time decision for the Florida State game on Saturday. He sprained his shoulder in the loss to Virginia Tech last Thursday. If he cannot go then Joel Statham will start in his place.

I would give the Terps about zero chance to win with Statham under center. He is the same turnover prone quarterback who locks onto receivers that he was last year. Please no more talk about how he "beat" FSU last season. That win was a fluke, kids.

Keon Lattimore also partially dislocated his shoulder and will likely miss the Florida State game as well. Former FB Ricardo Dickerson has been tried at the hybrid rush end again. Apparently Friedgen feels like the guys at that position are not getting it done. Trey Covington has had flashes but is still not ready to be an everyday player. The loss of Robert Armstrong for the year due to a back injury has hurt depth on the inside. Conrad Bolston is getting worn down at the end of games and none of the young backups at tackle seem to be able to spell him.

Gary on senior leadership

He gave this interview to EA Sports for their new basketball game:

If you have a group of seniors that are willing to play hard out in practice, play great defense, dive for the basketball every time it’s loose, then you have a tremendous situation. Great senior leaders are the guys who are consistent. They’re going to put in the necessary work on their shot after practice, they’re the guys that play defense a half an hour at a time in practice and don’t complain because they know that’s what is going to make the team better. There hasn’t been a great team that doesn’t play really aggressive, outstanding defense and those seniors know that. To me, rather than having a real vocal guy, I’d rather have a guy that does it on the court.

When you have guys who all of a sudden just start showing up shooting extra in the gym on the road, are there early for practice, stay after practice shooting, that’s really great leadership. If you have real seniors that are willing to do it, then that has the ripple effect on the other players that they naturally gravitate toward. A great senior leader cannot only have a great effect on the players, but he can also have a great effect on the coach.

I’ve been fortunate here at Maryland to have a couple of guys who were just incredible. Steve Blake was our starting point guard for four years, starting point guard for the national championship team as a junior, and the toughest year he had was the year after he won the championship. With his leadership we were able to get back to the sweet sixteen, even after losing four other starters on our team.

Another, of course, was Juan Dixon. He’s the all-time leading scorer at Maryland -- he’s one of those guys that could get you 30 in the game, but that wouldn’t affect the way he played defense. He always wanted to guard the other team’s best offensive guard -- he was willing to put a lot of energy on the defensive end.

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