Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This is the ACC?

So this is what the ACC threw 50 years of history in the trash heap for? Two broken down football programs in Miami and Florida State who are a shadow of their former selves and totally irrelevant in the national championship hunt three weeks into the season. Great job, Commissioner Swofford. But we'll be getting all that extra BCS money and NCAA basketball bids, right? Or so we were told by the expansion spin miesters. Boston College squeaked by BYU at home, Virginia lost to Western Michigan, NC State got creamed by Southern Miss after losing to Akron last week, "The U" got embarrassed on national television, and Maryland started off the weekend by getting its pants pulled down on ESPN. The ACC is terrible. That is the cold, hard truth. The ACC only has three undefeated teams after just three weeks and BC is coming off back to back overtime wins. You won't be hearing much about the league on TV in the next month because, unless Virginia Tech can keep winning, there won't be any point in discussing the league in regards to the national title game. This just in: Virginia Tech won't keep winning.

Speaking of my favorite school for wayward boys, Hokie defender Aaron Rouse was flagged for two 15 yard penalties in the 36-0 blowout win against Duke. He may be going for the ACC career record for personal foul calls. He knocked Duke QB Thaddeus Lewis out of the game with a concussion on a blow to the head. Rouse later said that he takes full responsibility for his actions. Don't worry about that Aaron, seems the ACC league office is going to punish you in spite of your lame attempt to show some integrity. This isn't anything new for Rouse who is a cheap shot artist and the dirtiest player in the ACC. Let's hope the ACC suspends Rouse for a league game and takes it out of the hands of Frank "sit 'em against Cincinnati" Beamer.

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BULaw said...

The ACC sold its soul for football dollars. Miami and FSU have consistently declined over the last 4 years. When Bowden retires who can say with any certainty that FSU will remain a top tier program? How long before Miami starts over with another coach? VT has brought nothing but ignominy to the ACC. This is all part of Swofford’s grand plan? Did he consult with the guy who came up with “new” Coke in the 80’s? Dare I even mention the horrible effects expansion has had on ACC hoops? Then again, what is decades of tradition worth when you can have a conference championship game in Jacksonville, Florida?