Thursday, January 04, 2007

What We've Learned: Boston College

Which is the real Boston College? The team that beat Maryland and Michigan State or the team that lost to Vermont and Duquesne, both at home? It appears that the Eagle's margin of error is very thin with the modest talent that they have on the roster, which is the reason why they can lose to just about any team with a few players missing. Jared Dudley is a player of the year candidate in the ACC but like Julius Hodge a few years ago he plays at a position that makes it difficult for him to elevate his largely mediocre teammates. Tyrese Rice and Sean Marshall are both streaky shooters but not very dangerous unless they sink their first few shots. Center Sean Williams is the X-factor for BC this season. If he can continue to improve he could be the best balance of defense and offense of any front court player in the league. Al Skinner's style may just enable BC to get away with the thin bench but my guess is that they will fade down the stretch. The Eagles face a brutal second half schedule with four road games bookended around home dates with Duke and North Carolina.

Key wins: Michigan State

Bad losses: Vermont, Duquesne

Prediction: 10-6 4th place

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