Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy in Blacksburg

I hope that the families of those murdered yesterday at Virginia Tech can find some comfort and consolation and that the surviving victims heal quickly from their injuries. This event will scar the Virginia Tech community for many years to come. This is a time for the University community to come together and meet the needs of those who were traumatized by the horrible events of yesterday. It is another reminder that in this modern world there is no such place that people can say "that can't happen here", whether it is London, New York, Oklahoma City or Blacksburg, anywhere innocents can be the victims of senseless violence. In an open society with the freedoms we enjoy it is impossible to prevent all these kinds of random acts of violence. The despicable hyenas who are focused on the ratings of the next news cycle need to stop inserting themselves into this tragedy. Let those touched by this awful rampage mourn and grieve in privacy. There will be plenty of time to reflect on any lessons that can be extracted from this pointless calamity.

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