Friday, March 21, 2008

The ride is over

I'm a little busy watching all the NCAA Tournament games today but I'll try to give a summary of the Syracuse game in the next few days. I'm sure everyone else is focused on the only games that matter at the moment. I'll be at the Verizon Center tomorrow to see the Duke versus West Virginia game. Should be entertaining.

Obviously it was a disappointing ending to a somewhat disappointing season. In many ways it was the kind of game I expected would end Maryland's season. Too many turnovers and rebounds given away to Syracuse. For every good play there would be some bad mistake, even by the seniors. In some ways it was a relief to close the book on this turbulent season but it ends with the Maryland basketball program at a crossroads. There are some critical decisions that will be made in the next few months that will go a long way towards deciding if this program will get back to contending in the ACC or sink further into the NIT malaise. I'm not referring to Gary Williams status as head coach but it is clear that this team needs a new infusion of talent.

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