Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Williams picks Terps

After some nervous days it appears Gary Williams got the news he was hoping for from another Williams, 2009 recruit Jordan Williams gave a verbal commitment to Maryland the other day. Williams is a 6-9 and 245 pound bulldozer in the paint with good rebounding skills. He can certainly score, as evidenced by his 28 points per game to go along with 15 rebounds at Torrington High School in Connecticut.

Williams isn't a "project" but does need to improve in various areas. He dominated a weak high school league much like Mike Jones or Eric Hayes and won't be able to rely on overwhelming his opponents physically in the ACC. He won't be able to camp out in the lane either, as he does in high school, and will have to develop some face up moves. His defensive footwork needs improvement and he could run the floor a little better but he reportedly improved dramatically after adjusting to AAU level basketball this summer. That is reflected in the fact that he is now a 4-star top 100 player according to Scout.com after the summer circuit. The fact that he improved when faced with better competition is a very good sign.

You can see some videos of Williams below but keep in mind this was prior to his summer bump in the rankings. I wouldn't worry that Williams will be another Will Bowers or Hassan Fofona, he is much better than either of those players. He and James Padgett have the potential to provide a very solid interior duo for Maryland well into the next decade. Both are physical and tough post players which Maryland hasn't had since 2002. He also seems to be a good student and the quality of Maryland's criminal justice program helped sway Williams. There was some negative recruiting going on as other programs were trying to get Jordan Williams to delay his commitment to either Maryland or St. John's but it is a good sign that the staff was able to still land Williams. Jordan Williams is number 20 in the videos.

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