Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In better news

2009 recruit and Maryland commit PF Jordan Williams scored 50 points and grabbed 25 rebounds the other night against rival Crosby even though his team lost 73-70. So we have that going for us. Now back to the buffoonery.


okaybowler said...

Williams and Padgett really seem to be tearing things up. Are they playing quality opponents, or is all of this coming against sort of garbage players?

Esquire said...

Padgett plays in New York City and his team has traveled to play other noteworthy high school teams across the country. He also plays with uber recruit Lance Stephenson who is a typical AAU ball hog so I think his numbers look good to me. He can play defense and rebound and if he gets a bunny from a teammate he'll finish.

Williams plays in a weaker league in Connecticut and the competition isn't all that great up there. New England isn't a basketball hotbed as Mike Jones also played against weak competition in Massachusetts. Having said all that Williams is regularly scoring 40+ points and is the main guy on his high school team. He is seeing double and triple teams every night and still putting up numbers. Let me put it this way, if Braxton Dupree was playing in that league he wouldn't have been putting up the numbers Jordan Williams is right now.

Anonymous said...

Can we consider Dupree a bust? I haven't seen anything from him on both ends of the court. He looks lost at times and just overwhelmed by the competition. Disappointing.

Gregory seems to be further along and Jin Soo Kim probably needs a year under his belt before really contributing (and he's not getting much playing time).

Looking ahead to next year already.