Thursday, April 30, 2009

Money and Sports

The NCAA issued the regular profit in the wilderness regarding sports related spending by colleges. The report confirms what had been reported in other prior reports that spending continues to spiral out of control, rising more than 11% annually while overall spending by universities' rose less than 5%, and that all that increased spending does not earn a net profit in revenue.

The report did indicate that there seems to be a modest correlation between increased spending in football and basketball. For instance spending an additional $1 million increases, on average, a football program's winning percentage by 1.8% and increases the chances of getting into the top 25 by five percent. Not exactly a great return on investment. A more interesting factor is that general expenditures seem to help basketball and football programs but spending big money on a coach has no correlation to a program winning at a better rate.

You can read an article on the report here.

NFL Draft
Maryland did well in the draft with five selections includine wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey being the 7th overall pick to Oakland. Heyward-Bey certainly has talent but the Raiders clearly reached picking him that high and he probably has the highest potential to be a draft bust of the top 10 players picked. It doesn't help that Heyward-Bey is going to the most dysfunctional organization in professional football. Still Heyward-Bey will get a nice fat contract and Maryland can use that fact to help in recruiting. Since Vernon Davis was selected sixth overall in 2006 Maryland's two top 10 selections are only bettered by Ohio State, USC, LSU and Virginia.

Corner Kevin Barnes did very well getting picked in the 3rd round by Washington. He'll fit in well with the Redskins who have some needs in the secondary. Starters Carlos Rodgers and DeAngelo Hall have not been the most reliable corners and the aging Fred Smoot barely able to cover slot receivers Barnes will likely find a large role like rookie safety Chris Horton did last year.

Seventh round selections were guard Jamie Thomas, TE Dan Gronkowski and LB Moise Fokou. The five selections were tied with North Carolina for most among ACC programs. Fokou, a former transfer and walk on player, is a great story. 

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