Saturday, November 28, 2009

Q&A with Eagle in Atlanta

Maryland is playing Boston College again and that means that our annual Q&A with Boston College blogger Eagle in Atlanta. Here are his answers:

1. Montel Harris has had an excellent season with over 1,200 yards and 13 touchdowns. How much of that is Harris and how much is the offensive line?

Harris actually deserves credit for much of his success. The line opens the holes, but he is great at finding holes and he seemingly is always able to fall forward for an extra yard or two. He is just another example of BC finding a diamond in the rough.

2. Eagle quarterback Dave Shinskie has thrown six interceptions in the last two games so what is the key to Maryland's defense forcing him into mistakes?

I think most teams realize that they can drop multiple guys into coverage and cause problems for Shinskie. He tends to force things into double and triple coverage and hence the uptick in turnovers.

3. BC's defense seems to be very solid again this season. I noticed that outside of LB Luke Kuechly most of the top tacklers this season are defensive backs. Is that by design or a symptom of something else? Are there any other players besides Kuechly that Maryland's offense will have to worry about?

I would say the tackle stats are in part because the defensive line has been so banged up.The DBs also don't rotate all that often and therefore are on the field for most snaps.

4. I noticed BC was 0/13 on 3rd down against North Carolina and was only 4/15 against Virginia. What did those teams do on defense to force punts?

I wish you could blame it on the opponents doing something unique but much of it is Shinskie. He made plenty of bad decisions and forced bad throws. Ideally against Maryland BC will run the ball more and be in third and short. Ultimately we have an inconsistent QB which leads to inconsistent offensive play.

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