Monday, January 10, 2011

Stoglin getting noticed

Not great timing coming off a 1/10 stinker at Duke but freshman guard Terrell Stoglin is getting some notice. John Gasaway from Basketball Prospectus lists him as the 13th best freshman so far this year.

I'll have more on the tough loss at Duke shortly but here is a great article by Ken Pomeroy on why plus minus stats are fairly worthless.


Anonymous said...

I am getting really frustrated with Stoglin's play. From a fan perspective, he looks undisciplined at running the offense and shoots regardless of a good or bad shot. Eventually, this guy is going to butt heads with Gary (a-la Gilchrest). I'd prefer Howard to eventually play the point with Stoglin at the shooting guard. I hope it won't be 4 years of pulling my hair out because of Stoglin.

Esquire said...

Stoglin is a bit of a gunner and his shot selection isn't always the best but, notwithstanding his poor showing at Duke, he has provided a vital scoring option this season with the incumbent players struggling. He isn't a prototypical point guard and he arrived at Maryland as more a "combo" guard than a Steve Blake. I think he can grow into a better distributor as he matures. Howard has a long was to go as well and his 4 turnovers in 10 minutes the other night demonstrates that. I think you'll have to be patient with Stoglin. He was the main scoring threat on his high school team and was the PG and that makes it a little more of a challenge to know when to shoot and when not to shoot.