Thursday, March 31, 2011

NBA mulling changes to workout schedule

I don't normally care about much the NBA does but the changes they are considering making to the pre-draft workout policies may effect Maryland this year. The NCAA imposed deadline of May 8 to withdraw from the draft allows for virtually no substantive review by NBA scouts of the players who are leaving college early. Simply put the guidance players might get from NBA teams isn't reliable because there is no time for extensive individual workouts or medial exams. Players who thought they might be drafted higher end up plummeting when minor physical problems get discovered or scouts see flaws in their individual workouts. The NBA is proposing changing the workout rules to allow for a basketball version of the NFL combine where all the prospects could get together in one place for evaluations. More on these developments at by clicking here. If they do change the rules (while also making sure not to run afoul of NCAA regulations) players like Jordan Williams might get a much more accurate picture of where they stand on draft boards. Right now there is probably little chance Jordan will get a true picture of his draft status and that isn't good for the player or the school.


Anonymous said...

Williams has been a good, but not agreat player at his position. The few big inside players who gave him a hard time this year are very well represented in the pro ranks. He needs a lot more work to get he polish he will need to succeed in the NBA. But, everyone makes their own decisions, and the lure of $ is understandable. It will be interesting to see whether Padgett can take up the slack. He has the physical equipmwnt, and it could be that getting lots more court time could result in a big improvement in performance. It has happened before, and if a Brooklyn player can't take heat. that's his fault. It could be an interesting next season.

Good observation that most of the teams with the heralded inside players have bitten the dust in the NCAA tournament. Who are the top players remaining? - Try Howard, Rodriguez. Skeen, Walker and Knight.

Esquire said...

Basketball has always been about guards but even more so in the modern game. If you don't have good guards it probably doesn't matter who plays center. Three point shot just made that even more true.