Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eagle In Atlanta Q&A

Another year another Q&A with longtime guest of Boston College blogger Bill from Eagle In Atlanta. Check out his blog for some interesting tidbits regarding Maryland head coach Randy Edsall and his connections to Boston College.

1. Boston College started off the season with 3 losses but it would be hard for any ACC program to win at Clemson and Virginia Tech which were the last two opponents for the Eagles. Is this BC team has bad as their 1-6 record currently or have you seen some signs of improvement?

I don't think BC is as bad as their record. There has been some bad luck, some injuries and some staff shakeups, but ultimately BC could have and should have beaten Duke and Northwestern. The Wake Forest game was winnable. UCF had a lopsided score but BC was also in that game for much of the action. As for signs of improvement, it is hard to tell. They haven't looked that much better against Clemson or Virginia Tech, but as you mentioned, those are two elite teams.

2. The loss of RB Montel Harris Jr. seems to have sent BC's offense into a death spiral but the starting QB and WRs from last season returned as well. Have the struggles been due to failures at the skill positions or on the offensive line?

I don't blame Montel. His replacements at RB have been some of the highlights of BC's season so far. I think the major issue is offensive line. Too often Chase Rettig is running for his life or throwing passes with someone in his face. He is not getting enough protection. Although we don't have great skill guys, it does explain the lack of scoring. Poor lineplay does.

3. Linebacker Luke Kuechly is doing what he always does, amassing tackles at an impressive rate, but the rest of the defense has struggled. Is the defense getting production from any other players besides the star linebacker?

All the linebackers have been good. So good, that BC has started using more 3-4. The problems have been in upfront and in the secondary. BC is thin and young in both areas. In the past we've gotten by with less talent but with smart, experienced players. Now we are left with guys upfront who cannot get a push and DBs who cannot force turnovers.

4. It appears the honeymoon is over for head coach Frank Spaziani sitting at 1-6 with a slate of tough games remaining on the schedule. Given that Dan Henning only lasted three seasons and BC seems to have a history of pulling the plug on coaches who struggle what do you think are Spaziani's chances of remaining at Boston College past this season assuming the Eagles don't go on a winning streak?

Right now I think Spaz will be back. As crazy as it sounds, I think the politics around the program will keep him safe. Our AD painted himself into a corner when he fired Jags and promoted Spaz. He's got a lot of political and financial capital invested in Spaz. Unless other powers around the school take a stand, I think Spaz comes back...even at 1-11.

Many thanks to Bill in a season where both BC and Maryland are struggling.

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