Thursday, April 28, 2005

In Like A Lion

It has been a rather stormy spring for Maryland. The basketball team had to endure a tumultuous final month of the season that included the departures of two assistant coaches and the enigmatic John Gilchrist. You can almost hear the sigh of relief from Gary William's office as he gets a chance to catch his breath before the busy summer AAU season. It seems like the team is ready for a fresh start and hoping that some of the younger players can have a breakout season this fall.

On the football field things are looking a little more muddled. Sam Hollenbach, who looked like a sure bet to transfer at the end of last season, seems to be the starter headed into the spring game on Saturday. Joel Statham who's dismal play last year was symbolic of the entire team is said to be not far behind Hollenbach on the depth chart. I'm not sure if that speaks well for Statham or badly for Hollenbach. The missing piece in this quaterback triangle is sophomore Jordan Steffy.

The most highly recruited QB of the Fridgen era came to College Park with some lofty expectations. It now appears that those hopes have suffered a setback. Bothered by a bum elbow Steffy will have surgery to repair a "muscular defect" which will sideline him at least two months. More serious is the chronic knee problem that has dogged Steffy since last season. He is mulling whether or not to undergo knee surgery to correct the problem. If he has the surgery he would miss the 2005 season and likely apply for a medical redshirt. The staff has indicated that the decision to go with surgery or to resort to less serious therapy and try to play through this season is up to Steffy. Regardless of his choice Fridgen indicated that the likelihood of Steffy being the starting quaterback this season is remote. 'As long as he's not practicing, he's not getting any better,' Friedgen said. Not exactly a rosy forecast.

Given this bad news, and the lack of any discernible gamebreaker at running back or wideout, it could be another long season for the Terps.

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