Friday, April 29, 2005

Let's Play Twelve

You've got to hand it to the NCAA, they never let their principals get in the way of a better payday. They voted yesterday to approve a 12th football game starting in 2006. That means that teams from the ACC, SEC and Big 12 will play up to 14 games a year with a bowl and conference title appearance. Odd considering that the BCS continues to reject a playoff format on the grounds that it would be too disruptive to player's "studies" to have the extra games. This is on the heels of adding another BCS game to be played after the other 4 in the second week of January. That would leave almost 45 days in between the end of the regular season and the bowl game for the participants. So it appears that adding another week to the season for a few teams isn't any problem for the BCS. Which raises the obvious question, do the NCAA and BCS officials leave a trail of slime when they adjourn their meetings?

King hypocrite Myles Brand refused to even discuss the apparent contradictions of the rhetoric used to oppose a playoff system. Refused to even discuss it. He apparently said that reporters should go talk to the BCS people. Maybe they will be able to explain how being greedy and having an insatiable appetite for more revenue isn't necessarily hypocritical.

Steffy opts against surgery for knee
Now it appears that Jordan Steffy will opt against having surgery on his ailing knee. Steffy did confirm that while he can run in a straight line cutting is "bothersome". Now that is bothersome to yours truly. He hopes to rehab the knee saying it was "too early" to think about surgery. It seems he will have a procedure done on his arm which has now been described as a "nerve problem", although he did say that "maybe a different set of exercises could make it heal". Steffy apparently thinks he still has a decent chance to win the starting job in the fall in spite of the fact that he and Coach Fridgen have discussed redshirting for this season. At this point I wouldn't count on Steffy even seeing the field this season let alone starting.

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