Friday, September 16, 2005

Mountain People Redux

Last season West Virginia was able to break the string of embarrassing blowouts that had become routine since Ralph Friedgen came to College Park. They edged out the Terps in OT 19-16. Given that West Virginia is a less talented team than last season and Maryland is a better team than the trainwreck of last year this should be another Maryland victory.

The Mountaineers have a solid defense and a rugged running game but little threat to pass the ball. If the weather turns rainy it will be an advantage for WVU. Their gameplan will probably consist of a power running game and tight defense. They have little chance to win if the game turns into a shootout. Maryland should be able to run against WVU's 3-3-5 stack defense, if they cannot Sam Hollenbach will have to carry the offense and limit mistakes to pull out a win.

In the end Maryland will pull out a close win at home.

Maryland 23 WVU 17

Around the ACC

Miami goes to Clemson this weekend in a big showdown. Clemson has escaped two close games with last second victories. In both they played just well enough to win, but not sharp enough to beat a team with Miami's athletes.
Miami 31 Clemson 20

Florida State travels to Boston for BC's first ACC game. BC has a veteran team and always gave Miami fits in Chestnut Hill. If FSU's quarterback, whoever it turns out to be, can limit mistakes FSU will win another close game.
FSU 17 BC 9

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Cavalor Epthith said...

Okay this is bad.
A little back ground first. I went to a college without a football team, The University of Hartford in the mid 80s. I've been a rabid college gridiron fan since I was a five year old recovering from meningitis, listening the dear departed Chris Schenkel and the strong voiced Keith Jackson on ABC and hoping one day to run like Johnny Rogers.
I'm no expert, but I'm no fan of a single team either. I love watching the BCS play out as the fall wears on I like seeing the rise and fall of teams as the conference schedules start to wear out defenses and expose the flaws of offensive coordinators.

That said. . .

Two teams strike me as being incapable of beating an equally matched opponent. Pitt with their desire to do something other than use Palko's golden arm and The Terps with their inability to stop anyone from rushing the football. The defense was supposed to be the anchor for this season and it has devolved into a collection of showboaters, late hitters and general miscreants instead of a tough drive stopping unit.

Hollenbach isn't the answer it's time to try someone else, someone who can pick up a fourth and 1. Wake Forest on Saturday with two backs that can run the ball and I'm sure once again the Maryland D is thinking the Deacons, sporting two backs with yards per carry averages over five, will not have the juice to push them off the ball. Think again, they couldn't stop Navy, Clemson or WVA.
The Cavaliers are waiting the following week with a potent running attack and suddenly you might see a light at the end of the tunnel taking on hapless Temple which will not win a single game all year.

That light will flicker over the next five weeks and by the end of the Florida State game Maryland's athletic director will know it's the same train that hit them last year.

The Terps are disorganized early and this will not chnage as the year goes on. At best they will be 4-7 if they can find a way to beat UNC in Chapel Hill. A blowout loss there coupled with a loss to Wake will cost Friedgen his job. Back to back bowless seasons and being classified with the doormats of the league, Wake and Duke will not fly in College Park with the high dollar alumni.

Prediction for next week:
Wake 23 Maryland 17 in OT