Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thanks for noticing

Apparently the fine humanitarians over at SI On Campus took notice of my humble blog and listed it on their website. Shockingly no NC State or Hokie fans have mastered the milieu yet.

The acknowledgement is appreciated here at Turtle Waxing.

Keon Rising
It appears that the promotion of RB Keon Lattimore to the starting tailback position is a foregone conclusion. Starved for some sort of story on a fairly unremarkable season every newspaper and hack with a blog has been writing about Lattimore's running at the end of the Wake Forest game. He'll get a chance to start this week but he better learn his blitz pickups. Fridge will not abide watching Hollenbach hammered like he was in the Clemson or West Virginia games, especially since he'd have to turn to Joel Statham.

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