Monday, January 02, 2006

Another Hokie disgrace

I have to thank Virginia Tech's football program for continuing to provide examples of why the ACC should have never sullied its reputation in the pursuit of almighty bowl money. The latest example was the soon to be notorious game they played against Louisville in the Gator bowl. Their All-American corner Jimmy Williams was ejected from the game for intentionally bumping an official after getting a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty. They were flagged for four 15 yard penalties, either unnecessary roughness or unsportsmanlike conduct, in just the first half. The capper was Marcus Vick stomping on the leg of NCAA sack leader and Louisville DE Elvis Dumervil as he lay helpless on his stomach. Vick called it an "accident". You can look at the photos below and come to your own conclusion.

Clearly the younger Vick is not only a cowardly thug, but a liar as well.

From the Washington Post:

"It basically shows he's a no-character person," Dumervil said after the game. "My left knee still hurts. He was talking garbage the whole game. In fact, he kept getting worse. He said, 'For a defensive end, you sure are short.' It just shows he doesn't have any class."

Virginia Tech officials said Vick tried to apologize to Dumervil after the game. Beamer said he would watch film of the play to determine whether Vick will be disciplined.

Vick said he told Dumervil "it was an accidental play, and I didn't intend to do it on purpose." Vick declined to comment further on the play, despite repeated questions from reporters after the game.

"There's no room for that in the game," Virginia Tech quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers said. "It's flat embarrassing. I don't coach that way, and I don't expect him to play that way. It's out of character and you can't rationalize that in any way, shape or form, and he knows that."

At least the quarterbacks coach gets it. I doubt Frank Beamer will do much of anything to Marcus Vick, who seems determined not to admit he did it on purpose. So much for taking responsibility. Maybe he'll have to sit out the spring game or something. I guess the ACC can be proud that they boast three of the sleaziest football programs in the nation now. Watch out SEC we've got your number!


MDtoBU said...

The ACC league office destroyed the greatest tradition in college basketball when they expanded the conference to 11 and then 12 teams. It is a travesty and beyond shameful.

irwin robinson said...

On a new topic I assume that you have heard or will shortly hear that the redskins have signed coach Williams to a new 3 year contract ,reportedly for 8 million
from your florida correspondant

MDtoBU said...

Steve Usecheck, a Big 12 Conference official who led the crew for Monday's game, called Tech's first-half taunting and late hits the worst he's seen in his 22 seasons." Usecheck says that he would have ejected Vick had he or any other officials seen the "stomp." Also made following comment about VT players late hits and trash talking in 1st half: I was really disappointed," Usecheck said. "We don't see football like that (in the Big 12). Those kids were just completely out of control. Louisville wasn't as bad. Virginia Tech was brutal."

Moe Greene said...

Nah, nah, nah, nah.

Nah, nah, nah, nah.

Hey, hey, hey.

Goodbye. (You suck)

I remember reading an article during Marcus' senior year in high school. It listed Maryland as one of his favorites and Friedgen was recruiting him, hard. His athleticism is nearly unmatched, but hindsight being 20/20, I'm thankful he chose to be a Hokie...

Anonymous said...

Ah, the all-knowing law student was proved wrong. Beamer took a stance and followed through, a move that needed to be done. (Ask most Hokies and they will agree.) I have to say, you have a very thourough site with tons of sports info, but the continual bashing of Tech and their presence in the ACC is ridiculous. Get over it. No one seemed to mind as they rolled into a bowl game this year, unless out of jealousy. It's easy to call names and point fingers at one player, but come on. VIck didn't disgrace the ACC, he disgraced himself and has now forced Tech into the spin doctor's office. It's too bad...he could have gone far.

Esquire said...

I haven't been a law student for some time and I'm not really sure how I was proven wrong. To borrow from H.L. Mencken, I'll never go broke underestimating the integrity of Virginia Tech's football program. That article was written before it became public that Vick had been arrested in December, weeks before the Gator Bowl. I'll go into that in another article later, but I wouldn't be pointing to his dismissal as some sort of vindication if I were a Hokie fan.

As for my bashing of Virginia Tech I'm afraid you'll have to get used to it. I'm not in the habit of insulting regular readers but I was totally opposed to expansion over three years ago and have not changed my position one bit. I doubt I ever will. I grew up watching ACC sports and always felt it was something special. The last two rounds of expansion have destroyed the things that made the league unique. It's not like I'm doing cartwheels over Miami, FSU or Boston College either.

I don't expect Hokie fans to understand that, since their school has been bouncing around from league to league with regularity. Going from the A-10 to the ACC is a step that no team in the ACC has ever made. From Blacksburg I'm sure it seems like a miracle. Well, there are plenty of people I've talked to from Maryland down to the Carolinas who are not too pleased with it. Given their good fortune I think that is something Virginia Tech fans will just have to get used to.