Friday, January 13, 2006

Garrison arrested

Travis Garrison turned himself into the Prince George's County Police and will be charged with 2nd degree assault and a 4th degree sex offense. The charges stem from an incident at a local bar that occurred on October 27, 2005. He is accused of grabbing a woman numerous times and, after she protested, slapping her across the face which resulted in a split lip. The woman didn't know Garrison or that he was a member of the basketball team before filing charges with police. The police said the delay in charging Garrison was due to their attempt to conduct a thorough investigation.

My reaction is utter disgust and disbelief. If this turns out to be true Garrison's time with the team should be ended. Yes, he should be kicked off the team. There should be no tolerance of this kind of behavior by Gary Williams or the University. If Gary won't pull the trigger then Dan Mote needs to step in and do it for him. You can't have a person who has done this on your team, regardless of the consequences to the team's season.

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irwin robinson said...

It would seem that the key comment here is "if it is true ". Surely outrage should be held in abayance until this situation plays out thru the legal system. At that time appropriate pennalties could be considered.