Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2008 Class gets bigger

According to Matt Bracken of the Baltimore Sun 2009 signee SF Jin Soo Kim will attempt to reclassify to the 2008 class and show up on campus this fall. Kim seems to have the high school coursework to qualify but needs to get his SAT scores in before he can come to Maryland. Kim is raw and needs to mature physically but he will be better able to do that in a college program than spending another year in high school. The departure of Kim's high school coach probably had something to do with his desire to come to Maryland sooner rather than later. Kim probably isn't ready to compete at the college level right away but he has a reputation as a deadly outside shooter which Maryland could use now that Tyree Evans is going elsewhere. Fellow class of 2008 member Sean Mosley is still waiting on the test scores he needs to gain admission to Maryland. He is close enough that you would expect him to get the needed score but given the recent tumult Terp fans have reason to be concerned. Having Mosley qualify through the NCAA clearinghouse only to be rejected by Maryland's admissions department would be a disaster of epic proportions. Assuming Mosley and Kim show up on campus to go along with Gus Gilchrist that would be one of the best classes in the ACC.

Another high school forward Latay Darden is being pursued by Maryland as the Evans fallout continues. The 6-8 Darden averaged a triple-double for Progressive Christian Academy last season with 15 points, 13 rebounds and 11 blocks. Indiana and Marquette are interested in Darden who recently received approval by the NCAA clearinghouse for some coursework he took in Houston. At least Darden's high school coach thinks that Darden and Gilchrist could combine to get Maryland back to the pinnacle of college basketball, which is a pretty outlandish statement. Meanwhile 2009 target Dante Taylor has rocketed up the recruit rankings. The 6-8 senior at National Christian Academy is now the fourth rated power forward in the nation according to and in the early rankings he is rated the 19th best player in the 2009 class. It seems the staff was right to target Taylor when they did because he will be getting a lot of attention this summer.


homertuck said...

Apparently, the 2008 class has again gotten smaller. Gus Gilchrist is now leaving. This recruiting class had the potential to be one of Maryland's best with Jennings, who committed then decommitted, Evans who committed then decommitted, Gilchrist who committed and is now transfering, Mosely might not qualify...this is just getting pathetic now.

Esquire said...

Yeah, that article was great timing on my part. I'll just recycle it when Maryland brings in some Juco frontcourt player.