Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yow must go

After some deliberation I've decided that I had to go public with my stance in regards to athletic director Debbie Yow. The recent debacle with Tyree Evans is only the final straw in a string of poor behavior by Yow. In only the last few years Yow accepted an NIT bid without confirming the decision with the head basketball coach, allowed Shane Clark to be rejected by the University when he showed up for school in September, requested that the ACC access technical fouls on the Maryland student body if they misbehaved and has attempted to thwart Gary Williams at every turn. In addition the Athletic Department has also used proxies to try to silence those who have voiced concerns about how things are being done on public message boards. These kinds of Nixonian tactics are beneath contempt and should never be engaged in by a university official. All of these actions have reflected poorly on the University of Maryland. Yow's primary concern should be how the running of the athletic department reflects on the institution but instead she is more interested in self promotion and her petty feuds. Any positive publicity Maryland has received from recent success of its non-revenue sports was easily eclipsed by the negative publicity that resulted from how the Evans recruitment was handled.

When both the men's basketball and football head coaches are unhappy with the athletic department there is real trouble.

While the bad blood between Gary Williams and Debbie Yow has been going on for a long time this arrangement is no longer viable. It is obvious now that one of them has to go. To me the choice is clear. Athletic directors are merely stewards of the athletic department. Almost no one could name the AD at most of the highly successful athletic programs off the top of their head and with reason. They are replaceable. It is time for Debbie Yow to move on.

There is already a firedebbieyow.com website up and running. I encourage all fellow Terrapin Club members to voice their displeasure with President Mote and advocate that he request the resignation of the athletic director immediately.


Anonymous said...

As always Esquire you are right on the money...could not agree with you more.

God speed as the best blog on Terps sports.

-SoBo Terp fan

Brian said...

Only fools and people who are pissed at GW because he was rude to them at some TC function wouldn't come to the same conclusion. Yow must go!

freestater said...

Watch out, Esquire. DY and her cronies are already threatening the people who run the scout board into censoring posts critical of her. Calling her Nixonian was right on the money.

Anonymous said...

To blame DY for the slide of the MBB program is unfathomable. It is the responsibilty of the coaching staff and the staff only. They have everything they need to be sucessful, except the initiative and work habits needed. As for DY and GW, she has about the same working relationship with him as all his previous ADs, maybe a little better. What does that tell you?

Esquire said...

If you think Williams relationship with Debbie Yow isn't among the worst and most dysfunctional of any high profile coach and athletic director then you really don't know of what you write. To suggest Gary has had this kind of relationship with all his previous AD's is preposterous. Ask yourself why so many high profile coaches of other sports have left Maryland during Debbie Yow's time at Maryland? Why is Yow's relationship with Ralph Friedgen been so strained?

The staff is responsible for their mistakes and alleged lack of effort. To a large extent Gary Williams is responsible for the hole he has dug himself but he isn't the only one holding a shovel.

Anonymous said...

How in the world did you ever determine that there is a "strained" relationship between Debbie Yow and Ralph Friedgen. You are the only person I've ever heard this from. Even the two individuals themselves have spoken about what a good relationship they have. I guess I'm supposed to believe that the two of them are lying and you know how they really feel. Please!

I disagreed with the entire premise of your blog entry but decided to keep an open mind and see what you had to support your opinion that Debbie Yow needed to go. When I see the BS about the "strained" relationship that I know to be incorrect (according to the named individuals) it makes me think there is more to your unhappiness with our AD. Perhaps you received less favorable seats during one of the venue reseatings?

Esquire said...

Yow also claims in public to have a good relationship with Gary Williams, which is clearly false. It is common knowledge that Friedgen (or his agent) was floating his name in connection with the UCLA head coaching search this past off season. There is great discontent over the compensation for assistant coaches on the football squad. Both offensive and defensive coordinators recently left under less than pleasant circumstances because of this issue.

You are free to believe whatever you wish. The fact is there are many, many stories out there about Yow and her unprofessional and dictatorial treatment of various head coaches besides Gary Williams.

I am very unhappy with Debbie Yow, that was the entire point of the article. My support is for the University of Maryland, not the charlatan of an AD we have at the moment or her cult of personality. Your attempt to cast doubt on my motives is ridiculous but when you have little else to argue I guess the common and pathetic response is to resort to that. I could just as easily say that you are probably connected to the Athletic Department in some way and therefore have no credibility on the issue. I know for a fact that people from the AD's office have attempted to stifle dissenting voices on various Maryland message boards and have contacted boosters who have been critical of Yow in public. It is Nixonian and outrageous.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my point. Just because I disagree with you I must work in the AD's office. Sorry to disappoint you.

I think our fan base is a joke. People like you seem to spend every waking minute disparaging our top notch administrators/coaches (Yow, Friedgen, Williams, etc). You remind me of the clowns whose posts I was reading on one of the message boards this morning. They went to great lengths to say how terrible DY is just because the AD sent out a letter with new parking regulations for football games this year. Then they end up their post by making it clear the reason they were made is because they will not be able to park for free any longer. God forbid they support the University with their wallet. Instead they spend their time tearing it down with their keyboard.

I better let you get back to your conspiracy theories. Don't forget about the grassy knoll.

Esquire said...

Nothing I wrote made a point for you but keep believing what you want. If you were familiar with this blog you'd know that I am far from a critic of either Gary Williams or Ralph Friedgen. They are not perfect, and neither would claim to be, but Maryland is fortunate to have them as the basketball and football coaches respectively. I'm not sure how it is possible to be a supporter of both Gary Williams and Debbie Yow, as you seem to suggest you are, but I guess that requires either being comfortable with a paradox or blind ignorance. I can't understand that position.

I'd recommend fellow alums support the University with donations to the general fund. You're not "supporting the University" by paying for your football parking.