Monday, June 23, 2008

Gift for Grads

Our friends over at Asgard Press have another great item that may interest your recent Maryland grad or Terp fan. These are vintage Maryland football game programs printed on high quality note cards. These blank cards can be used as thank you notes for all those graduation gifts or any other greeting or correspondence. Take a moment to send a letter instead of an email. The cards are printed in high quality paper and could be framed too. The kind folks over at Asgard also have a 10% discount for Turtlewaxing readers. Just follow this link to get your discount.


Anonymous said...

funny the dates are in the 30's and mention Byrd stadium which didn't exist until 1950, real authentic!

Esquire said...

If you took a moment to look in the 2007 Terrapin Football Record Book you would notice on page 6 that the Terrapins played home games at Byrd Field or "Old" Byrd Stadium from 1923-1947 and in 1949 across the street from the campus on Baltimore Avenue. In 1948 home games were played in Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C. instead.

Funny how you were wrong. Next time take a moment to actually research something before making yourself look stupid.

Moe Greene said...

Esquire - You've become quite jaded over the years. Instead of simply ignoring the annonymous comment, you decided to allow it only to refute it. What's the point???

Esquire said...

I can forgive stupidity but glib stupidity irks me. I'm not sure that makes me jaded. Regardless I thought others might wonder the same thing who were more tactful but unaware that there was a Byrd Stadium before the current version.

I usually approve comments if they add anything to the discussion, positive or negative.