Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vasquez has surgery

Greivis Vasquez had successful surgery on his ankle to remove bone spurs and "excess" cartilage. He will have a two month recovery period and be ready to play once classes start in September. Vasquez had mentioned that he was a little worn down towards the end of last season which is understandable given he averaged a grueling 37 minutes per game. Hopefully sophomores Cliff Tucker and Adrian Bowie will be able to spell Vasquez a little more often this coming season. Vasquez also acknowledged that he needs to get physically stronger and improve his quickness in a recent interview on you can read here.

It will be tough to keep Vasquez off the court because he is by far the best player on the team and Gary Williams will need the junior to provide much of the scoring this coming season. The only thing with more question marks than Maryland basketball in the Washington area is Matthew Lesko's suit.

Much depends on how or if players like Tucker, Bowie and Landon Milbourne progress over the summer, not to mention the mid-major level collection of front court players. It looks like Sean Mosley will make it into Maryland by hook or by crook and Jin Soo Kim will likely reclassify as a 2008 player. Those are both good news because Maryland will need them both from day one. Maryland will probably try to bring in another 2008 player, most likely from the junior college ranks, but fans shouldn't count on that player making much of a difference from the start.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the front court - I think Neal is what he is. He's not going to have a big offseason growth spurt, but he should be a reliable player for 10 to 15 minutes a game.

With the defection of Gilchrist, the two players who need to improve most this offseason are Burney and Gilchrist.

Gregory - who hardly saw the court last season - will also be given his chances. It looks like the Terps are going to need him to fill a PF role...let's hope his HS credentils weren't a fluke and he's up to the task.

Esquire said...

With no depth in the frontcourt Maryland will need minutes from Neal. Unfortunately it won't be a question of Gary Williams playing Neal more than he deserves for this coming season. He is barely a bench caliber player in the ACC but he can get by for short periods.

It will also require Braxton Dupree to start living up to his reputation coming out of high school. He needs to show a commitment to improving his conditioning because he'll need to play significant minutes this fall.