Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is the Fridge still cool?

Patrick Stevens over at the Washington Times is doing some great work on his "D1scource" blog covering Maryland sports. He has a number of entries worth reading but a recent blog about media coverage of Maryland sports was worth examining. He compared football head coaches at the same BCS program from 2004-2007 and charted their records. It is surprising that Fridge ranks 32nd in winning percentage out of 39 coaches during that period. There were five coaches with better records who got fired by their schools during that time, including Chan Gailey at Georgia Tech. Gailey may have had his weaknesses but he went to four straight bowl games and played in an ACC championship game during those four seasons. That is much better than Friedgen has mustered during that time. To be fair it excludes the first three seasons under Fridge that were among the best in Maryland's history. I think Friedgen is turning things around after the program went off the rails in 2004 and 2005. He is coming off two straight bowl games and it seems likely he will make it to a third this year. Now that Ralph is completely stocked with his own players he is still dogged by questions as to whether he can win with his own recruits. I think he can but has been held back by staff turmoil and the inability to find a reliable quarterback. I don't think Friedgen should be on the "hot seat" because he runs a fairly clean program that, overall, has produced good results. I'm not sure Maryland is going to attract another coach who would do better than the 56-31 record that Ralph Friedgen has posted. I don't mean to damn with faint praise, Fridge also represents the school well and is a concerned alumnus. I do understand those who question his salary in comparison to the recent struggles of the program. On the other hand the school tried to get by on the cheap with Mark Duffner and Ron Vanderlinden and they got what they paid for.

Basketball News
Sean Mosley's status is now certain. He will be on the Maryland basketball roster this fall. He will also be wearing jersey #14, which is the same number Gary Williams wore at Maryland in the 1960's. Fourteen is Mosley's high school jersey number as well. Hopefully that is a sign of some good karma. There have been some positive reports about the summer progress of Adrian Bowie but Maryland needs the rugged and versatile Mosley to contribute right away.


G said...

Just discovered your blog. Nice insights...keep up the good work. I look forward to continued reading in the fall.

Terpfreak said...

I also just discovered it after hearing about it on Turtle Soup. I like your insights, and I look forward to your future postings.

Any word on any bigs coming to the B-ball team yet?