Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mosley on the way

Sean Mosley is expected to qualify academically and claim the tenth scholarship spot on the roster this fall. You can read about the process on the Baltimore Sun's website. This is a bright spot in what has been a truly dismal off season for Maryland basketball. If you read what Gary Williams told the Sun carefully it seems he expects Mosley to have a much larger role as a freshman than you would think.

It was also suggested that two more players could be added to the 2008 class. Jin Soo Kim is certainly one of the two as he is trying to reclassify from 2009 so he can start at Maryland a year earlier. That is good news because the Terps will need his offensive punch off the bench.

In other news the ACC Now blog at the Raleigh News & Observer website comes out and acknowledges what is already apparent to most serious fans. That John Swofford's legacy, the incompetent and botch expansion of the ACC, has been largely a failure. Swofford bravely insists that despite the fact that few of the expected benefits to expansion have materialized the ACC is still better off where it sits today (and J.P. Giglio has a great "Mission Accomplished" analogy). About the only ACC school that truly benefited from expansion has been Virginia Tech, with the irony being that they were merely an unwanted throw in to make the deal happen. Swofford also didn't rule out the possibility that the ACC could expand again at some point in the future. My guess is that when a fool like Swofford is making predictions then the smart money should head the other way. It is more likely that changes to the football BCS system will make today's mega-conference structure less desirable, not more. Not that anyone in the ACC has the savvy to figure that out ahead of time.

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Anonymous said...

Most ACC fans rue the day when the double round robin died-so much fury developed between the teams and players that it was really great theatre in mid-winter. Toward the end, the fued between Steve Blake and Julius Hodge of NC State (circa 2002) was classic. One wonders if that sort of built-up acrimony will ever really exist again-and was losing it worth an extra couple dollars.