Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Good news Tuesday

It appears that LT Bruce Campbell's knee injury isn't as severe as initially feared. Ralph Friedgen indicated today that Campbell may not be out of the game against Wake Forest on Saturday. The MRI on Campbell's knee apparently did not show an MCL tear which would have ended Campbell's season. That is very good news for the offense as the offensive line was getting perilously thin, but that seems to happen every season for the last five years or so. Maybe at some point the recruiting will improve enough that Maryland doesn't have to have multiple walk on players in the two deep.

It also appears that with RB Da'Rel Scott out for at least a month and a half that true freshman RB Caleb Porzel might get a shot at some carries. Davin Meggett and Gary Douglas lack the game breaking speed that Porzel can bring to the table and this offense certainly needs players that can turn a hint of daylight into a big play. Porzel has been hampered by a leg injury since summer camp started. Running back D.J. Adams might also see some action but he is another true freshman and it isn't clear his skills are so superior as to justify burning two redshirts when Scott might return.

The running back dilemma highlights the disappearance of RB Morgan Green. Green came to Maryland after amassing over 5,000 yards rushing in high school and being ranked among the best prep running backs in the nation by most recruiting services. Green got himself in the doghouse with Friedgen and either was unwilling or unable to get himself out except for brief periods. With three freshmen ahead of Green on the depth chart it appears as though Green's useful career at Maryland might be over.

Basketball News
The charges against freshman Jordan Williams were dropped yesterday along with all the charges against his co-defendants. Sounds like one of those cases that should have never gone anywhere. Now Williams can focus on making an impact in the low post where Maryland certainly needs him to contribute right away.

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