Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Terps squander opportunities

It wasn't especially disappointing that Maryland lost to Wake Forest in the first road game in league play but it was the way Maryland lost the game that left me with a sour feeling. The Terps had a number of chances at the end of regulation and in overtime to put away a Wake team that was practically begging them to take a win but the Terps couldn't make a play. Sean Mosley had two shots to win the game and Dino Gregory had a put back that whiffed so it wasn't just Greivis Vasquez forcing a bad shot. It was impressive that Maryland stormed back with some clutch shooting to take a lead with about a minute left but then some dumb fouls and poor rebounding let the Deacons tie the game and send it to overtime. Wake Forest was there to be beaten and it would have given Maryland a huge road win that would have set them up nicely going to Boston College. Hopefully the Terps will learn from this game and channel their disappointment into a better defensive effort against the Eagles.

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