Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vasquez, Terps blitz Eagles

Perhaps the best birthday present Greivis Vasquez could have received was the lackluster effort of Boston College on Saturday. Maryland played well but it probably didn't matter because the Eagles had such a terrible effort that it was obvious how they lost to Maine and Harvard at home. It didn't help that the Conte Forum was practically a mausoleum as students were away on break. You could clearly hear a "Let's go, Maryland" chant at times in the 2nd half. As an aside the Conte Forum has to be one of the worst venues in the ACC along with Miami's Bank United Center.

Vasquez was his old self dissecting a listless BC defense for 17 points on 7/13 shooting to go with 9 assists, 4 rebounds and two steals. In three ACC games he is averaging 23 points, 7 assists, 3.7 rebounds and shooting an impressive 41% from 3-point range. He has been playing about as well as you could hope going into the year. His shooting isn't spectacular, only 41.4% and a disappointing 60% from the free throw line, but those are the only quibbles.

Landon Milbourne played well after struggling recently with 13 points and 6 rebounds. Eric Hayes had some early foul issues and gave way to Adrian Bowie and Cliff Tucker who both had excellent games. Hayes finished with 7 points and 2 assists in just 24 minutes, his third lowest total of the season. The excellent play of Tucker and Bowie also cut into Sean Mosley's minutes as he only played 21 minutes but managed six points and six rebounds anyway.

Bowie had a nice game with 15 points that finally showcased the improved shooting that had been a topic going into the season. Still he didn't record a rebound or assist in 22 minutes. Cliff Tucker showed the offensive potential he has scoring 14 points in just 17 minutes and draining all three of his attempts from beyond the arc. He is somewhat like a poor man's Drew Nicholas at this point and that would certainly be a great complement for the starting backcourt. It seems Bowie and Tucker are shaking off their early season doldrums at the right time.

Neither Jordan Williams nor Dino Gregory faired well against an aggressive rebounding BC frontcourt. Williams was shut out for the first time in his career but did grab six rebounds in 22 minutes. Gregory continues to play a load of minutes without much production. As I wrote earlier anyone expecting him to be a significant rebounding factor wasn't paying enough attention to his stats last season. He played 27 minutes and only managed one rebound for a pathetic 3% defensive rebound rate. Given his limited offensive ability that cannot continue without James Padgett getting more opportunities. Gregory was decent on the defensive end if you don't count rebounding as a part of playing defense, unfortunately I do consider it a defensive responsibility. The Eagles crushed Maryland on the glass 40-28, particularly on the offensive end where they grabbed 17 offensive rebounds. It was a reminder that the Terps are still vulnerable to teams that are aggressive on the offensive boards. Gary Williams has indicated that Padgett will get a chance to show he deserves more playing time against Longwood so let us all hope he takes advantage.

There isn't much else to take from this game as Maryland was in control from start to finish. The final score doesn't really indicate how badly BC was beaten as the Terps didn't score a point for the final 3:21 of the game. The Terps have a tuneup against Longwood tonight and then get two home games against N.C. State and Miami who are a combined 2-6 in the ACC.

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