Monday, December 06, 2010

News and Notes

Apologies to my loyal readers for the lack of posts recently.

Phil Steele came out with his All-ACC picks for football and I think his picks are usually superior to the media selections. Torrey Smith and Kenny Tate, the best players on their side of the ball, were 1st team picks at wide receiver and safety. Tony Logan also was named as 1st team punt returner. Logan had a nice beginning of the year and then tailed off as teams stopped kicking to him.

Linebacker Alex Wujciak got a 2nd team nod which is fitting. Joe Vellano and Antwine Perez both got well deserved 3rd team selections at DT and safety. Adrian Moten was voted 4th team at linebacker.

I think it is pretty clear from that list that the defense carried this team.

Maryland will play in the Military Bowl against ECU later this month. Disappointing for the players and fans but they will still get their bag of swag so at least that is something.

The basketball team had a loss in Verizon Center, which is a house of horrors for Maryland, in the BB&T. The loss may provoke some changes in the starting lineup. Freshman Terrell Stoglin is developing into a potent scoring threat off the bench and may get himself in the starting lineup in place of the struggling Adrian Bowie. It was good to see James Padgett also putting together some nice back to back games against Penn State and Temple.

I'll write more on the basketball team soon but even though they have three losses I'm pretty positive about this team and their potential.

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