Tuesday, November 29, 2005

2005 All-ACC Football

Another media vote on the top players in the ACC. As expected D'Qwell Jackson was 1st team All-ACC at linebacker and recieved more votes than any other player at the position. In a nice ending to what was the best surprise of the season RB Lance Ball was voted 2nd team All-ACC after finishing with 903 yards and 6 touchdowns. Lance did all that only started 4 games and only lead the team in rushing attempts in 6 games before the coaches finally figured out he was the best running back. Ball is only a sophomore and the running back position suddenly seems in good shape for next season. Adam Podlesh was voted 2nd team All-ACC and had another excellent year. He averaged 43.6 yards per punt and dropped 17 punts inside the 20 yard line.

A few morons didn't vote for Vernon Davis for 1st team All-ACC at tight end. They should have their voting privileges revoked. What absolute idiot would vote for Jeff King or T.J. Williams? Davis lead the ACC in receiving yards and averaged over 17 yards a catch, while also scoring 6 touchdowns. Williams and King may be decent tight ends but they are not even in the same universe as Davis. How could anyone with half a brain think differently?

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