Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Football team tricking, not treating

The Diamondback is reporting that several football players were involved in a melee at a local College Park bar on Halloween night. A female patron went to the bouncers complaining she was groped by a player and a fight ensued when the bouncers confronted the alleged groper. The police were called but no arrests were made. Several people, including a few players, were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. There were reports that another confrontation almost occurred in the hospital between the bar bouncers and players. Apparently a surveillance camera at the bar caught the confrontation on film. The article was filled with anonymous sources who refused to be identified but all seemed to be bouncers at the bar. Clearly they have a perspective on what happened. No players were identified or were interviewed by paper to tell their side. The fact that no one was arrested is interesting to me. Normally it's fairly easy to make an arrest for battery when you show up and one person has a broken nose. It gets a little more murky when the other person had a bottle broken over his head as well. Head coach Ralph Friedgen apparently was called to the scene.

At this point it seems unlikely there will be any arrests forthcoming. If they were going to do that it would have taken place that night. Regardless if any members of the team were arrested I would expect there to be suspensions. Friedgen has not shied away from disciplining his players in the past and I don't expect him to avoid punishing those who deserve it. If that means missing a bowl game due to the actions of these numbskulls then so be it. Friedgen has run a fairly tight ship since he arrived in 2001. In the 1980s and again in the later 90s the players on the football team had a horrible reputation on campus. Some of the stories I've heard about the behavior of the players on Bobby Ross' teams would shock most people. No one who cares about the University beyond season tickets and bumper stickers should welcome a return of that kind of atmosphere.

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