Thursday, November 17, 2005

Basketball is Back

You can get your early season fix tonight if you're a college basketball fan. On ESPN and ESPN2 you can see Wake Forest(18) vs. Florida, Syracuse(16) vs. Texas Tech and Memphis(12) vs Alabama(14). I'll be glued to the TV tonight so my 2005 ACC basketball predictions will have to wait another day. I started off with just a prediction of records but have decided to add some further analysis.

ACC Notes
An amateur rap recording by some players has surfaced and the Miami football program is in full damage control mode. The crude and misogynistic lyrics are a further embarrassment to a program trying to put its "Thug U" reputation behind it. I guess the increased bowl money will make up for these kinds of incidents, right? At least that's what we were told.

Georgia Tech was placed on probation for two years for playing 17 ineligible athletes including 11 football players. They lose 6 scholarships for both 2006 and 2007. Tech had already imposed reductions in 2005 and 2006 by itself. Records between 1998 and 2004 will also be vacated for the effected sports. This came on the heels of a ruling by a Federal court judge requiring the school to reinstate suspended player Reuben Houston.

Houston was suspended from the team after an arrest on charges of drug distribution and conspiracy. It wasn't a little pot either, this was at least 100 pounds with a value of $60,000, and it was to be distributed on Georgia Tech's campus. Were talking Nate Newton, Bam Morris territory here. The judge claimed the schools suspension was "arbitrary and strikingly dissimilar" to their treatment of past players. Tech AD Dave Braine had no clue what the judge was referring to: "I don't know how you can read into that because we've never had a felony charge before. How it could be uneven, I don't know.".

It wouldn't be the first time a moron on the bench made a ridiculous decision, but the site of Houston playing this weekend against Miami on national television should make even the most jaded college fan a little nauseous. They may be required to reinstate Houston, but does Chan Gailey have to play him?

It hasn't been a good week at Georgia Tech.

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