Thursday, March 02, 2006

Offensive Ratings

Here are the current offensive ratings for ACC games only:

Nik Caner-Medley: 109.9
Mike Jones: 100.6
James Gist: 108.4
Ekene Ibekwe: 101.4
Will Bowers: 90.3
DJ Strawberry: 80.3
Parrish Brown: 62.1
Sterling Ledbetter: 57.8

Team O-Rating last game
Maryland: 98.2
Miami: 93.5

Gist's high rating is mostly due to the fact that he is shooting 50% from the floor, best among the starters, and doesn't have a large number of turnovers. Mike Jones doesn't have a great rating for the opposite reasons, he turns the ball over and his shooting has dropped to 40% from the floor with his recent slide. By comparison to other ACC players the numbers of all the starters are not great. Players like Sheldon Williams and JJ Redick are in the 120's and other top players like Craig Smith, Al Thorton and Guillermo Diaz are in the 110-120 range. Even Josh McRoberts, who benefits from being on the same team as Williams and Redick yet is fairly mediocre, is 117.8 in the ratings. The ratings don't tell you everything but they are useful guides.

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Weasel said...

I'm suprised Gist's rating is so high, not suprised by the putrid rating for Ledbetter and DJ. Maryland will miss Nik next year.