Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Senior night

It now appears that Chris McCray will not attend the senior night ceremonies at the Miami game tonight. Gary Williams told the press last night that McCray would not attend due to "personal reasons" avoiding what could have been a highly embarrassing situation. It is impossible to predict what the reaction would be from the Comcast crowd but I doubt it would have been a warm ovation for McCray. Williams and McCray made the prudent decision.

At the same time consider that if McCray attended tonight that three of the four seniors being honored would have been arrested in their time at Maryland. Travis Garrison still has charges pending against him for assaulting a woman in a bar. With the possible exception of Caner-Medley all have been major disappointments this season. I'll have a full article about this 2005 senior class in the coming weeks as their careers come to a close, the ones that still have college games remaining anyway. No one would have remotely considered this class to turn out the way it did and that deserves a full article to explore what a colossal failure the group turned out to be.

As for the game Miami is fading fast and saw their NCAA hopes vanish with four straight losses in 11 days. They have not played since last Wednesday and haven't been a very good road team this year. I'd be surprised if they could muster the kind of game they had at North Carolina in the middle of January. The deciding factor could be if Maryland's upperclassmen just decide to pack it in and shuffle off to the NIT. If they are still focused and determined to make a run at the NCAAs I think they will beat Miami, who has lost by an average of 15.5 points in its last two road games.

Vernon "Cyborg" Davis

Doc Walker has all kinds of goofy names for describing a great football player like stone canine and cyborg, but in the case of Vernon Davis he may be right. Davis astonished scouts with a 4.38 40 time, 42 inch vertical leap and 33 reps benching 225lbs. He may have moved himself into the top 10 in the draft. Davis' publicity already helped Maryland land one recruit (Drew Gloster) and the buzz that Shawne Merriman and Davis are getting in the NFL should help the staff sell that coming to Maryland just might be a good way to play professional football.

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