Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Still waiting on Aleaze

According to Heather Dinich in the Baltimore Sun Maryland is still waiting to find out if star defensive lineman Melvin Aleaze will qualify to play for the football team this fall. The NCAA clearninghouse has still not given its decision on Aleaze's application to include a grade that was not considered in his initial application. Recruits combine their SAT scores and grades to determine eligibility and if Aleaze's grade point average increases his current SAT score would probably be enough. Aleaze has attended at least three different schools in an attempt to qualify. Reports are that he will take the SAT again this spring. I have a feeling that it is getting less and less likely that Aleaze will ever qualify to play at Maryland or anywhere else. Maryland needs his pass rushing skills badly as the defensive line will be a trouble spot again this fall.

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