Thursday, April 27, 2006

More staff turmoil

Maryland has reportedly lost another assistant coach as media outlets are claiming that Ron Moxley is going back to Charlotte to take over as an associate head coach and eventually succeed Bobby Lutz as the head coach. This move may make sense for Moxley as Charlotte offers a better path to a head coaching job and Moxley is comfortable and familiar with the program. I guess that is about as optimistic as you can be about this development.

This is the fifth assistant to leave Maryland since 2003. Jimmy Patsos, Dave Dickerson, Mike Lonergan, Ron Moxley and Matt Kovarik all left College Park for other opportunities. Some may be thinking that working for Gary Williams can't be the most enjoyable job in college basketball and that is the problem. Some coaches, like Lonergan, are not able to handle the demands that Williams makes of his assistants and are unlikely to have the toughness to handle coaching at a high level position. My feeling is that Moxley left Maryland because of the poor relations between the basketball program and the athletic department. Moxley said that Maryland was a "dream job" when he was hired just a year ago and it would be foolish to believe that he didn't know what kind of coach Gary Williams was before he came to College Park. What he probably had little sense of was how the actions of the athletic department continually undermine and hamper the ability of the basketball program to cultivate the stability that is essential to winning.

I'm not trying to sugar coat this since it is clearly an alarming development. Maryland has an impressive 2007 recruiting class already and the 2006 class should have some players who can contribute right away. It isn't time to panic, but Williams needs to assert himself and guide the program out of the turmoil it has endured since 2004.


soupreheated said...

Your grasping at straws. Whatever flint there is between Yow and Gary is secondary re Rob (not "Ron") Moxley's leaving. Moxley has pretty much been awarded the UNC-Charlotte head coaching spot whenever Bobby Lutz leaves (as he might soon to take the West Virginia job, if John Beilein ends up at NC State). Gary and Yow have had it foir years and yet gary is rewarded with a loaded seven-year deal despite the program's poor graduation rate and obvious dissolution the last two years. We should all have such a lousy boss.

Esquire said...

Thanks for the correction "Soupy", though I normally prefer to get edits from readers with better grammar or facts. I'm sure the rift between Yow and Williams had little effect on Moxley leaving his "dream job". I'm sure a season that started with the Shane Clark fiasco and ended with the embarrassing NIT acceptance gaff had nothing to do with it either. If Moxley really wanted the Charlotte job he'd probably have been better off just staying there in the first place. It certainly couldn't help his chances to skip to Maryland and then come back the next year. Lutz isn't leaving for West Virginia because Beilein has already turned down NC State according to numerous sources. That part of your rebuttal doesn't even need to be picked apart, it simply collapses on its own.

The "loaded" seven year deal you mentioned is completely dependant on good graduation rates. If Williams is as terrible at getting his players to class as you state then he'll never see any of that extra money. So much for that as evidence Yow is a great boss.

I suppose it is also coincidence that a few days after it leaks that Moxley is headed back to Charlotte that there are reports that Williams is talking to NBA teams about a coaching job. If you're so naive as to think it has nothing to do with the climate between the AD and the basketball program that is your prerogative and delusion.

soupreheated said...

If there is heat between Yow and Gary, it has recently been turned up because of Gary's lack of performance. I absolutely refuse to blame Yow for "chasing away" Moxley or for unduly angering Gary, when Gary has done little to maintain the high standard he himself set for the program. As for you, you can say whatever the hell you want--it's your blog. You're not going to gain much traction with readers if you piss all over people who respectfully disagree with you, however. (And a slip of the finger hardly qualifies as inadequate grammar, I might add. Your blog is hardly the New York Times and your writing is far from professional. I know. I make a living writing and reporting.)
Beilein's still mulling over NC State's offer, from what I hear, and the rumors about Gary testing the NBA waters are just that. So much for having standards of your own...


terpgrad said...

Anybody know what happened to Melvin Alazae?

I don't think the basketball team is in that bad of shape really, they could easily pull it together next year and go 10-6 or 11-5 in conference, they are not losing that much assuming strawberry, Ibkewe and Gist all return, even if things go the other way they would still finish something lke 6-10, which isn't that horrible considering all the things that haven't worked out for the program since winning the national title.

Esquire said...

I hardly think that starting out with a comment like "You're grasping at straws" constitutes a "respectful" dissent. I've had differences of opinion with more than one reader and if they are polite then I am polite in return. I don't get paid to write this blog and, while it may not be the New York Times, I give a fair amount of my spare time to writing for the enjoyment of fellow Maryland fans. Most of the readers of this blog appreciate that and in turn I am happy to spend time writing entertaining and hopefully interesting columns for them to enjoy. If you don't like me or what I write then there is a simple solution that a professional journalist like yourself should be able figure out.

There is still no word on Melvin Aleaze's status. He will be sitting for another SAT exam in the spring and could take yet another in the summer if he fails to get the needed score.

I will have some thoughts on the Red/White game in the next few days.

Weasel said...

First soupy says that there is no rift between Yow and Williams and cites Williams’ contract extension as proof. Then in response to our blogger he says, well if there is heat between them it is Gary’s fault for not “maintaining the high standard he set” and his “poor performance.” Maybe it is just me, but I don’t find that logic persuasive in the least. It is ironic that he accuses esquire of reacting negatively to a dissenting opinion, soup obviously lacks self awareness.

My unsolicited advice is keep doing what you are doing, esquire, and pick the comments you publish carefully. If I want to read ignorant and ill-informed opinions without much fact or logic behind them I can go to any message board on the internet. Thanks