Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kudos to Self

No, not yours truly, Bill Self coach of the Kansas Jayhawks. He booted problem child C.J. Giles from his team for dragging a girl out of his apartment and then allegedly striking her on the head. The cynics may say the Giles, a former top 100 recruit, was at best a backup center and that Self isn't getting rid of a player he really needed. But Self is facing mounting pressure from the fanatical Jayhawk fan base for two early flame outs in the NCAA tournament the last few years and must now rely on a very young frontcourt. I applaud his courage because if the young frontcourt falters or they have an injury Self will be criticised for this move. College sports needs more of this kind conviction among its coaches or it will continue to slide towards the regular athletes-run-amok headlines of its professional big brothers.

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