Thursday, November 09, 2006

Not Going Anywhere

Coach Gary Williams has agreed to a contract extension that guarantees he will remain at Maryland through 2011. The two year extension also carries over the academic and performance incentives that could lengthen the contract till 2014. This comes after a Baltimore Sun article that suggested that Williams had the least amount of job security (on paper, the writer so disingenuously added) of any coach in the ACC. Well, now you can throw that paper in the waste bin. For all you Gary haters it is just another sign that he'll be the coach at Maryland until he decides that he wants to move on. Get used to that fact. For the rest of us it is a good reason to celebrate. It will one of the saddest days of my time as a Maryland fan when Gary Williams departs as a coach of the Maryland basketball team. But I won't have to worry about that for a long time...

From the "that didn't take long" file
Seems the impressive debut of Gary's current team wasn't lost on some national media. The Sporting News wants to jump on the Maryland bandwagon. It is early but I have to admit I'm having the same feeling about this group. It may not be a straight line to great things this year but this group is going to play much better than people anticipated.

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