Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Scouting the Eagles

For the second year in a row I'm pleased to have Bill from Eagle in Atlanta as a guest blogger on Turtlewaxing. I was able to ask Bill a few questions so that Maryland fans can get a feel for the Eagles in this huge Atlantic division showdown.

The Eagle's offense seems productive, especially in the passing game, and QB Matt Ryan seems to really like to spread the ball around. How would you rate the play of the junior?
Matt Ryan is having a great season and in my opinion should be first team all ACC. I am actually surprised he is not getting more national attention. He has played hurt all year but has maintained a high level of play. He was clutch in our OT wins against Clemson and BYU. The only game where you could second guess his performance was Wake. He threw two costly picks. Yet I absolve him because against the Deacs he threw for 400+ yards and kept the team in the game single handily. I couldn't be happier with Ryan (as if you couldn't tell).

Mathias Kiwanuka left for the NFL and Brian Toal has struggled with injuries this year. Who is the big play threat on the defensive side of the ball for Boston College?
Toal has been healthy the past few weeks and had really great games against Wake and Duke. There are fewer standouts around him. BJ Raji can be really good when he wants to. Middle LB Jolonn Dunbar has been solid. As has CB Dejaun Tribble. Ironically one of our biggest difference makers isn't even a starter. LB Kevin Akins comes off the bench as a pass rusher. He is a converted CB, so he has speed and has proven very disruptive to opposing QBs.

In studying BC it seems they are a very solid and very impressive team on both sides of the ball. Where are the weaknesses that Maryland can exploit?
BC has plenty of flaws. They've allowed their share of big plays on defense. The running game is widely inconsistent. The special teams have improved this year, but we (the fans) are all waiting for the other shoe to drop and have a huge breakdown. (Under O'Brien we've been the opposite of Beamer Ball.) It should be interesting to watch our pass protection this weekend. We lost our starting Center to injury so the coaches are playing a little bit of musical chairs. Maryland may be able to exploit the confusion and shut down Ryan.

Bill does a great job covering Boston College. I encourage you to check out his blog as the season goes along to keep track of his team.

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