Thursday, December 21, 2006

All-ACC Football Selections

Four Maryland players made the All-ACC 2nd team. Unlike the Maryland website I don't count honorable mention as "making the All-ACC team". To me honorable mention implies the opposite, that you didn't make the team.

The players that did receive honors are:

2nd Team All-ACC
OG Andrew Crummey
LB Erin Henderson
P Adam Podlesh
WR Darrius Heyward-Bey

A number of other players received votes but did not make the 1st or 2nd team. Quarterback Sam Hollenbach, CB Josh Wilson, OT Stephon Heyer, K Dan Ennis and TE Joey Haynos all made honorable mention.

I think Crummey was solid on an offensive line that underachieved all year but I'm not sure he was 2nd team All-ACC level. Josh Wilson probably deserved to be 2nd team All-ACC but didn't make enough interceptions to impress the voters. The lack of a pass rush hurt him as well. Wilson did receive the Jim Tatum Award given to the top senior football student athlete. Josh is a great representative of the University and football program.

Maryland was tied for 7th in the ACC for number of players on the 1st or 2nd teams ahead of only Florida State, Virginia, North Carolina (who had none) and Duke. That certainly speaks to the perception of the talent on Maryland's roster among the writers.

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