Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ratings for BB&T

Defense: 100.9
Offense: 92.1

Fairly obvious why this game turned out the way it did for the Terps. That is the highest, and therefore worst, defensive rating Maryland has given up all year. The offensive rating was the also the worst of the season for the Terps and only the second game it dipped below 100, the 95.9 against Winthrop was the only other sub-100 performance.

In spite of the poor defense that allowed 11 consecutive field goals Notre Dame still only shot 43% from the floor and a mediocre 37% from 3-point range. Not many teams would win consistently with those offensive numbers. If Maryland had been able to execute just a little better on offense they could have won with the poor defense.

Football News
I have not forgotten about the football team, even though it may seem that way. They'll get to play Purdue in an intreguing matchup with a decent Big Ten school at the Champs Sports Bowl. Purdue Coach Joe Tiller is one of the better stratigists in college football and seeing him match wits with Ralph Friedgen should be a treat. Interestingly the Boilermakers avoided having to play Michigan or Ohio State in their league schedule and failed to win a game against any conference foe with a winning record.

I'll have a season roundup with my thoughts on the Boston College and Wake Forest losses in the next few weeks.

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