Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Cheer

Overall it has been a good fall season for Maryland fans. The field hockey team won their second NCAA championship in a row, the football team is back in a bowl game for the first time in two years, the women's basketball team continues to roll at the top of the polls and Gary Williams' merry bunch are surpassing expectations.

There shouldn't be much to complain about, but then again that is one of the favorite pastimes of Maryland fans young and old. Perhaps reducing your complaints about Maryland sports should be among your New Years resolutions. It will make watching the Terps much more enjoyable, I guarantee you.

Thanks to all of you out there who find your way to my humble writings. I've enjoyed another year of writing about Maryland sports, though the following the Terps wasn't always enjoyable in 2006. Let's all look forward to a prosperous and healthy 2007 for the Terps and our fellow fans. I'll be back next week with a few thoughts on the Champs Sports bowl and the early returns for ACC basketball.

It is somewhat appropriate during this season that guard Donnie Woods announced that he will be leaving the football team after the bowl game against Purdue to pursue a career in the United States military. Woods is on track to graduate but has another year of eligibility that he will forgo to achieve his goal of a military or law enforcement career. Instead of protecting Maryland's quarterback next year Woods may be helping to protect the rest of us in some dangerous and far away place. The physical toughness that was his trademark as a guard on Maryland's offensive line and the camaraderie he shared with his teammates may serve him well in desperate places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Woods won't enjoy any of the "preferred lifestyle", as his father called the life of a college football player, while in the military. It will be spartan and certainly lacking in the trappings of celebrity that come with being a big man on campus, but Woods seems to recognize how shallow and fleeting that kind of adoration is in the cold business of college football. Donnie Woods wants to do something more meaningful with his life. That kind of courage doesn't exist in many people, even less often in a 22 year old college student bestowed with the comfortable and privileged position that Woods enjoys. Let's be thankful that there are men like Donnie Woods and hope that we're worthy of his courage and convictions.

Read more about Woods in the Washington Post and Washington Times.

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