Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dudley the Mouth

Jared Dudley may be ACC player of the year but he doesn't seem to be the smartest guy in the league. Maybe he was trying to pump his team up given that they have lost four out of the last five games and have crashed landed into the postseason. On the other hand maybe he is just so arrogant and stupid that he can't help himself.

He was quoted as saying, "Maryland is playing well, but they could lose to Miami and then what are you going to say then?"

I'm sure Dudley hopes that happens since they probably have a much better chance of getting by Miami than Maryland.

He wasn't finished putting his foot in his mouth either and went on to say, "They don't ball-pressure like a Georgia Tech or a Duke. Strawberry likes to get out on the break, but it's going to be hard for him to get out on the break if he is guarding me, because I like to go down low. Two point guards guarding Tyrese [Rice] who are freshmen; I think he has an advantage right there."

I hope that Boston College doesn't believe all that because it sounds to me like either they don't have an accurate scouting report or Dudley is just trying to keep his teammates from peeing their pants before the game. Maryland faced both Duke and Georgia Tech and beat both teams soundly during the turnaround, twice for the Blue Devils. Something Dudley and his team couldn't do this season.

Dudley is known for his swagger or arrogance depending on your perspective but it seems fairly ignorant to try to take a shot at a team that is playing the best basketball in the ACC, perhaps in the country, when your team has collapsed down the stretch. Let's hope Maryland takes care of business this afternoon and makes Dudley eat his words tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dudley is a bum. BC won't make it past the second round of the tourney, like always.




Anonymous said...

Like always? They made it to the final last year.

BULAW said...

It is strange that Skinner has loud mouth punks like Dudley and Marshall. He seems very laid back and quiet most of the time.