Saturday, March 24, 2007


What is with the horrid officiating this NCAA tournament? First there was the two shooting fouls at the end of the Virginia Tech versus Illinois game that were never called on the Hokies, then the phantom charge call on DJ Strawberry (perhaps the winner of blow call of the year) and last night the missed travel on Georgetown's Jeff Green that should have nullified the Hoyas' winning basket over Vanderbilt in the Sweet Sixteen matchup. Each call determined the outcome of the game and were beyond a judgement call that could have gone either way, these were blatant goat screws.

Of all these travesties I think Vanderbilt got the worst of it. The Commodores outplayed the most overrated team in the entire tournament for most of the game and deserved to advance to the Elite Eight. How Jeff Green got away with a blatant travel after picking up his pivot foot is beyond comprehension. This isn't the NBA this is college basketball where the officials are supposed to call traveling, Big East Player of the Year or not. At least the Hoyas will have no chance to advance past North Carolina in the next game but Vanderbilt was robbed of an Elite Eight birth and Georgetown gets another game they didn't deserve. It was the worst case scenario for the ending of such an important game.

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Weasel said...

The only thing worse than the blown call was Billy Packer's analysis of the play during the UNC/Georgetown game. First he stated that it was "definitely" not a travel. Then he stated that Green's pivot foot "may" have moved a little. Then he said that it all happened very quickly and it was a good no call. Then he goes on to say that he discussed the call with JT and he agreed! What a joke!