Friday, March 09, 2007

Total Uninanimininity

Unanimous (adjective): formed with or indicating unanimity : having the agreement and consent of all

That is the definition according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Perhaps the ACC is going to publish their own version of the English lexicon that redefines unanimous as something other than what the word actually means.

Take a look at the blog of Washington Times Maryland sports beat writer Patrick Stevens. Stevens is one of the few writers who covers Maryland as a local team that votes in the
Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association which selects the All-ACC teams. He was surprised that North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough was named a unanimous first team selection since Stevens himself didn't vote for Hansbrough and therefore would preclude the UNC forward from actually being a unanimous 1st team selection. Stevens was perplexed by this outcome and contacted the ACSMA for an explanation. The president of the ACSMA, John Justus, replied that sometimes if the player is "one or two votes" short of being unanimous they fudge things and make the player unanimous anyway.

Come again?

In addition to the paradoxical and Orwellian like doublethink needed to come to that result Justus also implied it was for the protection of the few writers who may have refused to follow the heard and vote for an overwhelming favorite. As if these professional sports journalists couldn't withstand the wrath of the Tarheel fanbase when their favorite player wasn't included. The tortured logic required to come to the point where votes are not recorded as they were cast, since it was released that Hansbrough got 106 first place votes out of 106 cast, is beyond absurd.

If this is the way things are done at the ACSMA then the distinction of a "unanimous" selection needs to be abolished from All-ACC voting. Perhaps they also have another alternate definition of veracity as well.

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dcydell said...

If this were a political blog , I would have a lot to say.

But then, again, I shy away from political blogs anymore; no need to draw too much attention, in the grand USSA.